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What Are Glycerine’s Side Effects?

As discussed earlier in one of the blogs, refined glycerine, also known as glycerol or glycerine. Today let’s shine some light on its side-effects on humans. As we know it is majorly used in cosmetics. But as it is well said that excessive use of anything may have side-effects. 

There are two distinct glycerin types − vegetable and petrochemical glycerin.

Currently, there are two common types of glycerine

  • Vegetable
  • Petrochemical

Vegetable glycerin is a sweet, syrup substance made by heating vegetable fats together with a strong alkali. It is derived from animals, plants, and petrochemicals. Vegetable glycerin has its applications in soaps, candles, deodorants, and makeup. Vegetable glycerin has a lot of potential health benefits.

Even in the case of vegetable glycerin, when it is ingested it may cause headaches, excessive thirst and vomiting in some cases it may also cause dizziness in some people. It was not proven safe for consumption by humans.

In Fact, it is the third most used ingredient in cosmetics, apart from water and fragrance according to studies conducted in 2014. Refined glycerine is a pure form of glycerin, which makes it a popular ingredient in moisturizers and lotions. 

Refined glycerine uses have a major share in skincare products. It is used as a healing agent for wounds. Another important use of glycerin, acts as a hydrating agent on human skin, to keep it hydrated all the time. It traps moisture and draws it into the skin so as to avoid it from getting dry.

Refined glycerin has also been proven to improve skin mechanical properties. Apart from its application in the cosmetics industry, it contributes to major applications in the following industries:

  1. Pharmaceuticals
  2. Food
  3. Paints
  4. Textiles
  5. Pet food and 
  6. Chemical Applications

Due to its applications, it has high demand and due to its high demand, there are a lot of refined glycerine manufacturers found locally as well as globally. China has a lot of glycerin manufacturers. chemtradeAsia is one of the leading refined glycerine suppliers in china. 

Refined Glycerin price varies according to various regions. As of now in China, it is said to be $ 880-960 / Ton and it can vary accordingly. 

Refined Glycerin MSDS (refers to Material Safety Data Sheet), it is a sheet containing all the safety and hazards related to the chemical. It gives a detailed view of in and out of the chemical-related hazards. 

As studies show that it does not provide any health hazards to humans. Refined Glycerin does not have any side effects on humans and it is pretty safe to use it in day to day life. In Fact, it also acts as a plasticizer, preserving agent, or even as a solubilizer. It is entirely toxic to humans.

Let’s get into what side effects it can cause to humans, these side effects are related to the drug glycerin and not the refined one which we have discussed above, if used excessively. But in case of excessive use, it may have some side effects.

Side effects include some allergic reactions to people who may be allergic to glycerin.  Some of them include stomach ache, rectal pain, allergic reactions such as rashes on the skin, itches, peeling skin, tightness in the chest, trouble in breathing, swallowing or even talking, swelling of mouth, lips, face, or even throat.

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