What is RBD Palm Stearin?

RBD Palm Stearin (RBD – refined, bleached, deodorized) is a vegetable fat, derived from palm oil. RBD palm stearin is a solid fraction of RBD palm oil, obtained by fractionation of RBD palm oil, using simple crystallization and separation processes at a controlled temperature. The physical properties of RBD palm stearin differ widely from those of RBD palm oil. RBD palm stearin is available in a wider range of melting points and iodine value. RBD Palm stearin solid, yellow in color at room temperature.

Palm oil utilization and exchange are broadly spread over the world. In any case, its creation is commanded by not many countries. Palm oil commands the overall oil send out an exchange. The world vegetable oil creation projection in 2016-17 is 63.86 million tons as against 58.84 million tons in 2015-16. The world’s two biggest vegetable oil creating nations are Indonesia and Malaysia which together record for about 85% of the planet’s creation. Other significant makers incorporate Columbia, Thailand, and Nigeria.

Indonesia has almost extended its yield in the previous decade making it the biggest maker of palm oil on the planet, representing 53% of complete world yield. Indonesia and Malaysia are the biggest exporters of Palm oil and it’s results, representing the whole worldwide exchange Palm oil, which is assessed to be 42.70 million tons in 2016-17. Malaysia and Indonesia with 17 and 25.70 million tons individually are significant exporters. While India is the biggest merchant of Palm oil followed by China and the EU.

Simple to cement. Requires heat at the most elevated temperature among palm items when delivered. Due to their high melting point, they have limited uses in the manufacture of edible food products. However this oil is considered as by-products and posses cheaper prices, palm stearin have a striking potency to be used as fat stock

The specifications for crude palm stearin contain Free Fatty Acid Max 0.2%, Moisture and impurities Max 0.2%, Iodine Value Max 48, Colour 3, or 6 red Max, Melting Point Min 44 degree Celcius.

RBD Palm Stearin MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet)

This product contains no substances which are proven hazardous to health.

Human Health

Inhalation of RBD can cause respiratory tract irritation whereas skin contact can cause irritation, its physical and chemical hazards are slight bland/tallow like odor. When in contact with skin flush skin with water.

Injection does not cause any danger. Eye contact with RBD palm stearin should be immediately washed with plenty of water.

Palm Stearin is a useful source of natural hard vegetable fats. It could serve as a measure in considering appropriate uses in food systems and controlling product quality.RBD Palm Stearin fraction cannot be used directly for eating purposes because of its high heating point.

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