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Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol

Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol in Tradeasia


hexadecan-1-ol; octadecan-1-ol

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Basic Info


Waxy white solid with a mild soapy odor

Common Names

Cetearyl alcohol


25 Kg Jerrycan

Overview of Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol

Cetyl-stearyl alcohol or known as (C16-C18) Alkyl Alcohol, is a fatty alcohol made from synthetic, animal, and vegetable sources, such as coconut, palm, corn, or soy vegetable oil. Cetyl-stearyl or Cetearyl alcohol is a mixture of cetyl and stearyl alcohol. This fatty alcohol is a mixture of mostly cetyl and stearyl alcohol. Cetyl-stearyl alcohol is not water-soluble, though it is soluble in oil and alcohol.

Manufacturing Process

Cetyl-Stearyl alcohol is prepared by the reduction of the appropriate fatty acids from vegetable, animal sources, and hydrocarbon sources. Cetyl-Stearyl alcohol can also be prepared through sodium reduction or high-pressure hydrogenation of esters. The reduction reaction converts the fatty acid chain to chains of fatty alcohols.


Pharmaceuticals Industries

Cetyl-stearyl alcohol is used in non aqueous creams and in non lathering shaving creams. It is used as an emulsifier to increase viscosity in emulsions. It can also act as an emollient to help soften the skin and hair and help to thicken and stabilize cosmetics.

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