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Lauryl Alcohol

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Basic Info


Colorless soft solid

Common Names

Dodecanol; 1-Dodecanol; Dodecyl Alcohol; Lauryl Alcohol; 1-Hydroxydodecane; 1-Dodecyl Alcohol; Lauric Alcohol; n-Dodecan-1-ol; n-Dodecyl Alcohol


170 Kgs - HDPE Drums

Brief Overview

Lauryl alcohol is a saturated fatty alcohol that has 12 carbon atoms and has a floral odor. It can be produced from palm kernel or coconut oil fatty acids. Lauryl alcohol is derived from a hydride of a dodecane. Lauryl alcohol can be prepared through hydrogenating lauric acid and is usually used in place of the corresponding aldehyde.

Manufacturing Process

Lauryl alcohol can be prepared through several processes. It can be prepared by the reduction of the aldehyde and by the reduction of lauramide with sodium and amyl alcohol. This alcohol can be produced through the oxo process or can be produced from ethylene through the Ziegler process which involves oxidation of trialkylaluminum compounds.

Textile Industries

Lauryl alcohol in textiles can be used as a wetting agent. It can help to reduce surface tension in textile and leather processes.

Personal Care Industries

Lauryl alcohol is used in many skin, hair, and personal care products. It is incorporated into the water and oil phases to help stabilize the emulsion. It is fatty, so it can provide fat and moisture to dry skin. It forms a layer on the skin that does not allow water to evaporate. It can also be used as an intermediate surfactant. It can also be sulfonated to produce the anionic surfactant and surfactant SLES (sodium lauryl ether sulfate) used in the production of many personal care products.

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