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Methyl Oleate

Methyl Oleate in Tradeasia


Methyl (Z)-octadec-9-enoate

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Basic Info


Yellowish Oily Liquid

Common Names

Oleic acid methyl ester


Drum, ISO, Bulk

Brief Overview

Methyl oleate is a fatty acid methyl ester with a chemical formula of C19H36O2. The chemical compound is an oily liquid with a yellowish color and has a fatty odor. In addition, the compound is immiscible with water and miscible with chloroform, ether, and alcohol.

Manufacturing Process

The fabrication of methyl oleate is conducted by condensation of fatty acids with methanol. The fatty acid that contribute to the formation of methyl oleate is the oleic acid. By the addition of methanol, the chemical ester methyl oleate is formed. As by-products of fatty esters are formed, the compound is distilled and crystalized to obtain a purer concentration of methyl oleate.

Intermediate Chemicals

Methyl oleate is utilized as an intermediate chemical to fabricate detergents. In addition, the compound is used to create emulsifiers, wetting agents, plasticizers, and other industrial chemicals (rubbers and waxes).

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