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Palm Wax - HRBD Palm Stearin 1520

Palm Wax - HRBD Palm Stearin 1520 in Tradeasia



Cas Number


HS Code




Basic Info


White to a Slightly Yellow Solid Wax

Common Names

Hydrogenated RBD Palm Stearin


25 Kg Bag

Brief Overview

Palm wax is a chemical derivative based on hydrogenated palm stearin and has frequently been used as a sustainable source of candle making due to it’s environmentally friendly manufacturing process. The material has a waxy texture and is biodegradable when disposed of.

Manufacturing Process

Initially, palm oil is used as a raw material to fabricate palm wax. Through a series of refining, bleaching, and deodorization, the palm oil is refined into RBD palm oil. RBD palm oil is further processed via fractionation to produce RBD palm olein and RBD palm stearin. The palm stearin constituent is specialized to produce palm wax from further fractionation and hydrogenation.

Candle Industry

Palm wax is an excellent material to produce palm-based candles. The high melting point of palm wax is able to withstand warm climates. In addition, the wax is easy to mold due to the high contraction the material has. On the other hand, palm wax is able to hold fragrance effectively. Lastly, the wax blends perfectly with different waxes to provide various combinations of candles.

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